We greet the half-year mark bearing gifts!🎁There’s a useful new functionality and some clever enhancements to get you generating even more impressive client proposals. Feast your eyes on these:

  • New Language Selection process You’ll now have better control over the way you engage with languages and what you’d like to see in the various outputs. More languages will be added as the need presents itself. *FYI: Czech and Danish are now supported in Wetu! More about the new process here.
  • Itinerary Link in View Notification Each itinerary view notification you receive will now include a link to that itinerary for a quick check to see what has in fact been viewed.
  • Mobile Accommodation Banner Image Suppliers of mobile accommodation can now upload a banner image that will display in your Itinerary Overview (where there was none before). Additionally, you can load your own banner image for that product in Hybrid Content if the supplier hasn’t provided any or you prefer another.
  • New Supplier Content Rating Until now your suppliers have all been treated the same in the way their content is rated in Wetu. But as products vary, so do their content types – now each is allocated to a category with its own specific rating system. This gives you a better representation of the products you choose to use in your itineraries.

As always, we welcome your feedback on these new releases – what works for you, what doesn’t and why..🎭 Feel free to send your comments to support@wetu.com. Enjoy!

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