Here’s a helpful tip!

Finding it tiresome scrolling through your entire list of contacts for the preferred service providers you want to include in an itinerary? Quickly search existing contacts added in Admin under the Contacts & Services tab and load them in the Route Builder, Planner and/or Review stages of your Itinerary Builder.🎣 The new Search field simply requires you to type the name of the contact you wish to include and it will filter through the long list to display what you want. Select, load contact and save details.

Load transfer, train, charter flight, boat and car hire contacts in the Route Builder stage, and Meet & Greet contacts in the Planner stage. The Review stage presents three options to add contacts: the tab including Import Contacts allows for every possible contact type to be added – tick multiple contacts from the checklist to include in an itinerary and once selected, click the highlighted Load Contacts button. Under the Travel Details tab you can specifically add contacts for transportation (excluding scheduled flights). You can also add custom contacts in the Review stage using the Add Contact button, but this info is unique to the itinerary you’re working on – add it in Admin to make it available for other itineraries.

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