When your product is up against other great options, what marketing move can give you the edge?

Present virtual tours and 360° imagery that offer a visually luxurious, ‘insider’ view of your experience. Clicking on it will draw viewers in and keep them engaged with your marketing assets for longer. Give them the next best experience of your product without their actually being present on your premises, and help them make a better-informed decision about booking you. 

Why invest in virtual?

It’s good for your trade partners, especially when they cannot do site inspections to sample your products first-hand. It’s good for your target customers as it enables them to ‘try before they buy’. 

It’s good for your business because it is a versatile marketing asset that showcases otherwise inaccessible areas or provides insight into aspects of your offering that photographs don’t do justice to. It’s also cost-effective to distribute: host it on your iBrochure, your website or other websites, YouTube, and if you use Google, also on Google Maps. Virtual tours uploaded to your listing are also visible in digital itineraries created by tour operators, DMCs and travel agents that use Wetu.  

Try any of the following providers: 

  • in3sixty.com 
  • krpano 
  • swf panorama 
  • Iframe 
  • Google 

How to upload it

Step 1: Be careful to copy the correct URL – it must be from an ‘https’ domain to display correctly on your iBrochure. 

Step 2: Paste the link, add a label and brief description; then save.

Step 3: Upload as many virtual tours as you can and add a custom cover image for each tour to visually differentiate them from each other. 

To get started, log in to your Dashboard now and navigate to the Update Form of the product for which you have produced virtual tours. But first, watch this: 

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