Here’s a helpful tip!

Commit yourself to better engagement with your precious product content! Renew it by applying some spit and polish to your images. The object: to optimise your iBrochure views and maximise the wow factor. Here are the 1st steps toward a 100% content rating:

  • Refresh the product pics that best represent the experience you sell – professional photos of your property/activity with permission to use them, will do the trick.
  • People participating in activities, enjoying your facilities and offerings, should be the focus of your pics to ensure that travellers connect better with your content.
  • Research the links between colour and purchasing behaviour, and apply subliminal messaging to influence consumers – using purple to convey luxury or blue to represent peace, etc. 
  • Make first impressions count by carefully selecting three of your best pictures to display first on your Digital or Paper Itinerary.
  • Give clients an accurate, comprehensive view of what to expect by loading good quality and quantity pics, including rooms/units, activities, spa options and restaurants.

Travellers want to imagine themselves in your experiences; so keep them at the forefront of your content story! Contact if you need a.

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