Most travel dreams begin with a Destination. There’s the promising buzz of urban delights, the shimmering of skylines, architecture waiting to amaze, cultural treasures to explore… With so much to do, photograph, and learn, no matter the weather, it’s easy to imagine a sustainable future for tourism for all seasons.

Introducing a destination whose travel content is auspiciously showcased in Wetu:


It’s the official mascot of Singapore city and state, a symbol made for tourism and selfies with city skyline views as backdrop. As if to reinforce the point, a few other Merlions are scattered around the city but this is the one that grabs all the headlines (and fascinates visitors). It presides over Marina Bay from its Merlion Park perch, 8.6m high, facing auspiciously East – by Feng Shui rules, this invites success. By the same rules, moving water represents prosperity; so its location at Singapore’s qi vent and the way it spits water is believed to generate a constant flow of good fortune for the country.

Its design and name tell the story of a city facing the future with courage and pride, grounded by a legacy of humble origins. Legend goes that a seafaring Malay prince spotted a magnificent lion when he arrived and founded the settlement, calling it Singapura. Singa is Sanskrit for lion, while the fishy tail represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village by the sea (or mer). Merlion has only been around since the state’s independence, but it is now iconic – synonymous with the city, its people and national brand – in its mythical integration between history and modernity.

Our gift to you

We thought you’d enjoy musing over this photogenic icon; so here it is giftwrapped just for you. Click the size you want below to download your wallpaper gift:

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