Most travel dreams begin with a Destination. There’s a world of exotic, strange, familiar, beloved places waiting to charm us and show us what’s changed during the quiet time, plotting a sustainable future for tourism, and getting ready to welcome back your clients and future guests.

Introducing the first of many destinations that proudly showcase their best content in Wetu:

Kruger National Park

It stretches across more than two million hectares, the largest game reserve in South Africa. Visitors can experience fantastic diversity: changing scenery and ecosystems; an impressive array of animal-, plant- and birdlife; and evidence of a rich, prehistoric past. Over 130 mammals and over 500 bird species inhabit the park, including the famed Big Five. Along with a range of accommodation and game-viewing options, the sheer density of wildlife makes this destination an unforgettable safari experience.

Kruger National Park is home to the highly-adaptable leopard gracing your wallpaper this month. Did you know that it is the smallest of the big cats? Agile and skillful, this force of nature hunts and kills fast. Its large skull and jaws are designed to take down prey much larger than itself – strong shoulder muscles enable it to climb trees, even carry heavy kills up trees. It can survive for long periods without drinking, optimising the moisture ingested from its prey. The shy leopard doesn’t mess around with unnecessary roaring and general noise-making, but it knows how to communicate with its tribe. The epitome of efficient minimalism…

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