Most travel dreams begin with a Destination. There are whispers of dramatic landscapes, hidden treasures waiting for discovery, cultures ready to welcome new friends… With so much to see, do and learn, no matter what the weather, we’re encouraged to imagine a sustainable future for tourism for all seasons.

Introducing a picture-perfect destination whose best content is proudly showcased in Wetu:

Lake Tekapo

Snow melts on the Southern Alps of New Zealand’s South Islands and trickles tiny deposits of glacial silt into Lake Tekapo, tinging the water with a gorgeous, light turquoise. It’s the kind of place where you have to stop and stare. The lake’s name derives from the Māori word ‘takapo’, which means ‘to leave in haste at night’. Very dramatic. According to legend, a group of Ngai Tahu explorers (a South Island Māori tribe) were transformed into the small island in the middle of the lake because they lingered too long beyond daylight. This island is called Motuariki. We can’t blame them, with those spectacular views in this breathtaking landscape, surrounded by the world’s largest pollution-free Dark Sky Reserve.

So alluring is the promise of legends, eye-catching Lupin flowers, celestial bounty, and heaven-meets-earth landscape, that this is arguably one of the most-photographed locations in South Island. It’s popular for lovers of watersports and salmon fishing, hiking, mountain biking and horse trekking around the lake, and of course premium stargazing. A must-see stop-over on any classic road trip…

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