Travellers need a trusted source of information on what they can expect to experience on their next trip.

With an uptick in demand for experiential travel, activities are at the heart of their decision on where to go and what tours to book. You can be the one to provide comprehensive information on available activities, including ones they may be unaware of – all based on their interests.


How to add activities

Use your Itinerary Builder to add standalone activity products to your client itineraries, unique or additional activity you want to include as a once-off, and any activities offered by properties you wish to use in your itineraries. 

  • Build your experience by adding a range of activities in the Planner step. In digital or virtual itinerary outputs, activity items are hyperlinked for the client to click and view details.
  • Accommodation suppliers that offer their own activities on-site may have detailed activity imagery and descriptions uploaded to their Wetu listing. First add the property in the Accommodation step, then select activities that match your client’s interests in the Planner step. All the information the supplier uploaded for that activity will display in the client itinerary.
  • Looking for a standalone activity product to include in an itinerary but can’t find it in Wetu? Ask to add it to the system. 
  • Personalise a client itinerary by adding once-off activities in the Free Text box in the Planner step. Add a location point to display pre-loaded information on that destination.
  • If a property has no or insufficient information on its available activities, you can upload customised information for those activities.
  • Add a time slot or general time of day for the activity, to display on the itinerary and printed vouchers. 
  • Mark activities as Planned, Recommended or Optional, and mark special ones with a star to draw attention to it – this will display under the itinerary Highlights section. Watch this:



Want to give your target customers a better understanding of the experience they’re about to choose? Log in and load up on activity info.

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