Here’s a helpful tip!

Have you got a new routing with awesome activities in a popular destination stretching over a few days?🏞 Your expertise in the destinations you sell is your trump card. Pre-build the experience as a multi-day component to keep and repurpose any time you want to recommend it. You can add it to an itinerary as is, reverse it, or even stitch a few winning components together if it matches the client’s interests.

Start by creating the component in your Itinerary Builder, name it and save. Encourage your colleagues to add their own, so you end up with a database of expert recommended experiences that your entire team can easily access and sell. To add a component to an itinerary, click the green component button and search for it by name, language or consultant. Select the one you want and decide where you’d like it to start and end in the itinerary. You can rearrange a component to suit the itinerary routing – here’s how. It’s a quick, flexible way to add value to proposals.

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