Meet Brian, the first foreign intern to join Team Wetu. And in virtually no time at all, he became known as ‘Brain’. To us, he provides a fresh pair of eyes and some healthy hardworking Dutch energy to our marketing team; to him, we’ve provided an opportunity to learn, develop some skills and immerse himself in the workings of an international company with business interests worldwide. Also, our office in Cape Town is about as far from home as he could get..

He’s a 22-year-old student of International Business Management at the Tio University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Foreign internships are a course requirement as students are groomed to work at management level for companies that conduct business globally. Brian needed to gain some work experience that could potentially guide his future job choices. His search for internships started in the USA and Australia, but following some happy holiday memories from a previous trip to South Africa, Cape Town became an attractive prospect too. When he stumbled upon the Wetu Intern vacancy online, he did a bit of research on the company, found it was a tech company and contemplated.. Would it be too much of a longshot for someone with no experience working in either tech or travel to apply?

“Nooit geschoten is altijd mis” was the Dutch saying that helped him decide. When you don’t shoot, you’ll always miss. One Skype interview later and he’d earned his first internship with one straight shot! As a Marketing Intern, he would join our Marketing team and assist with various tasks from database development to research, brainstorming ideas for campaigns and buying donuts, all crucial to our functioning.

Starting on May 21st, he arrived at Wetu’s Cape Town HQ and was immediately invited to sit in on a Skype onboarding (client training) session conducted by Onboarding Specialist Megan. She was training a new client on the Wetu products they’d be using.

This was the perfect way for me to begin understanding what the core business of Wetu was… After about 3 other onboarding meetings, I was up to speed on all the products and services that Wetu offers.

Really? It’s that easy? This format is typical of our induction process for new members to Team Wetu – we want everyone on board to be au fait with the product/service, to understand the value we provide our clients and the industry, and instill that belief in the contribution each of us makes with the individual roles we play.

Brain claims it took him some time to feel at ease within Wetu walls, but that’s because it’s his nature. “The people at Wetu did everything to make me feel at home, inviting me to join in on lunches, social activities and Friday afternoon beer o’clock drinks. After just 3 days, I thought to myself: Wow, this place is really cool to work at.. And it hasn’t changed since!” You are most welcome to Wetu, Brain.

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