Prerequisites to growth in any business are to engage with new concepts, to hone existing skills and to learn new tricks. We’ve identified a need among you, our loyal clients, for opportunities to develop and empower your Wetu experience. Some require basic refresher courses, some prefer more training on specific areas where we’ve upgraded functionalities, others need training for new staff. Marking the birth of the Wetu Academy and our mission to nurture the Super User in you, we’re excited to announce the pilot programme of Wetu 101: the Boot Camp Series.

The offering We’ll be conducting webinar-style onboarding sessions of about 20 minutes in duration once a month, generally the 3rd week of every month on a #WebinarWednesday. The fun starts on May 23rd 2018! The first 6 sessions have been determined as follows:

1⃣ Back to Itinerary building Basics

2⃣ Unpacking the Planner

3⃣ The Story of Components & Day Tours

4⃣ Of Overnight travel, Alternative accommodation & other odd bits

5⃣ The Simple truth about Hybrid Content

6⃣ Business Intelligence for Beginners

What to expect A typical session will entail a member of our talented Onboarding Team taking you through the subject first, followed by some Q&A. It will run from 10am CAT based on a minimum requirement of 5 attendees per session. Recordings will be made available if you miss a session that interests you. As always we invite your feedback on how helpful the idea is, the session was or what topics you’d like us to cover in future. Watch out for email reminders and a booking schedule on your Dashboard, also available here. We’ll get you Wetu fit in no time!🏋

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