Travel in the new normal means empowering travellers with information about accommodation, restaurant and activity suppliers that comply with COVID-19 safety protocols.🧼To help you help them make informed choices, we have just released the new COVID-19 Notice feature for product Suppliers in Wetu: they can now add relevant documentation for you to view, download and include in your client proposals.

  • Suppliers add COVID-19 docs in their target market language(s) to their Wetu content
  • You can view and download their Notice docs in your Consultant Portal
  • View and select properties, activities and services with available Notice docs in the Accommodation and Planner steps of your Itinerary Builder 
  • Notice docs are available for your clients to download on digital, virtual and mobile itinerary outputs
  • The top of the Overview page of iBrochures with uploaded COVID-19 Notice docs will be highlighted in red
  • Notice text in the top banner will be machine translated into the language selected to view the iBrochure
  • iBrochures with Notice docs can be included and viewed on your Digital Catalogue

Read this doc for greater detail or contact for help. We’d love to hear what you think about the new COVID-19 Notice; so please let us know!

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