So, you’ve got loads of experiences and products to sell. Wondering how to market them efficiently?

Your customers’ pent-up travel demand opens the door to exploring new and different experiences. Pulling together loose parts like updated destination information, new supplier products and services, can be challenging. And once you have the concepts nailed, showcasing and promoting them can get messy.  

Here’s what you can do to harness your vision into super-shareable, tailored inspiration boards. 


Step 1: Visualise your new experiences

Are you updating existing tours or building ones from scratch? 

  • Present a virtual experience of that destination, those activities, restaurants, attractions, and properties that help your target customers visualise themselves there. 
  • Offer them visual media, information and documentation that describe the trip in detail. 
  • Recreate the experience with a map-based or digital itinerary, that also serves quite effectively as a standalone sales asset. 


Step 2: Showcase your new destinations

It’s of great benefit to everyone to provide alternatives and extra info on the destinations you sell. 

  • Collaborate with trade partners in your destination and feature their products. 
  • Offer your target customers plenty of options to choose from. 
  • Dip into Wetu’s database of supplier product listings to source properties, restaurants and activities that match the experience you wish to showcase. 
  • Add alternative accommodation to an itinerary or supplement your marketing assets with rebranded digital brochures of relevant products. 


Step 3: Create your inspiration boards

Now, assemble those visually-rich digital assets to showcase your experiences. 

  • Create a series of themed digital catalogues comprising multiple itineraries or a mixture of itineraries and iBrochures. 
  • Build your inspiration board up several catalogues by creating themed digital racks
  • Share several assets more efficiently – simply send the link to the inspiration board that best matches the target customer’s interest. Watch this:



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