Life can get hectic on the job when enquiries stream in, multiple quotes must be done accurately and inspiring itineraries must get built, both sent out as quickly as possible. The solution is obvious: a team that works together, wins together.👥

Collaboration with content vs going it alone

You and your colleagues can either work apart, in silos, or you can support each other and make travel content work for the team. It’s about the knowledge held inside someone’s head and the expertise that comes with experience. If you need convincing how travel professionals collaborating with content beats going it alone, read on.

develop a content database to keep for individual use • each team member repeats the process, wasting time and effort • individual consultants produce proposals inconsistent with company image entire team contributes to a single content base • stored in a central place all staff can access, edit and use • optimise time and labour resources • individual consultants produce proposals consistent with company image
product knowledge is dependent on individual site-inspection, educational and training opportunities, and direct client feedback • unequal levels of expertise across company • risk of recommending or selling non-preferred supplier products product knowledge grown organically among entire team • senior consultants share recommendations on preferred supplier products with juniors • educational and client feedback stored for communal use and future reference • optimal and equal levels of expertise
research and identify suitable accommodation, activities, restaurants and services for each client • compile contact list of meet and greets, guides and supplier fast facts for own use • use own criteria to select preferred suppliers according to value for money and revenue potential • each team member repeats the process, wasting time and effort pool resources compiling tried and tested travel content in detail, including supplier commissions and specials, preferred products and recommended alternatives, contact details • save time and effort by providing access to the entire team • speed up the process of quoting and itinerary building • quality of proposals are consistent across company
create personas based on client preferences and feedback for own use • create new proposals from scratch with each enquiry from a matching client persona • each team member repeats the process, wasting time and effort info on client preferences and traveller personas shared for consistent use across company • create shared inventory of existing itineraries categorised by client type, tour type or themed experience • entire team has access to shared client info and collateral to repurpose and tweak where relevant • save hours of work and effort • create personalised proposals more efficiently
customise and translate content for individual use • waste of resources if each team member repeats the process and produces different results • not all consultants have the language skills to do manual translations customised and translated content stored in one place • entire team can access and use content for their proposals • saves time and effort • itinerary content is consistent across company
start new itineraries from scratch with each client enquiry • store existing itineraries for individual use only • proposals eventually lack variety shared inventory of existing itineraries and popular tour components • repurpose and personalise collateral for new clients by copying, reversing or tweaking itineraries • ensure greater consistency across company • generate itineraries more efficiently

Shared expertise and collateral are a short-cut to greater productivity, helping your team to generate inspiring client proposals fast. Everyone wins.🏆

In Wetu terms, it means easier access to good quality info and content that accurately represent the brand, that gets your team working like a well-oiled machine. Need help? Consult this doc.

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