Any business worth its salt and good sense would celebrate growth and expansion. For us it means we get to do a better job of offering our interactive digital stage to more travel Suppliers to showcase themselves. Part of the journey is getting our trade partners as excited as we are about the prospects. The concept is simple: as more travel operators, DMCs and travel agents use our system, it becomes increasingly urgent for suppliers to come aboard and represent their own brands well.

We continue to grow our list of supported global destinations and focus on the suppliers within those destinations. A luxury product needs cutting edge technology to sell/market its brand properly; it deserves a platform that accurately communicates its character. And all of this is within easy grasp.🎁

Big hurray for the suppliers who recognise the value of putting it into Wetu! The Ritz-Carlton Hotel CompanyMai Resorts Group and The Oberoi Group were introduced to us by existing Wetu users. We’ve been engaging operators/DMCs/agents to learn how to facilitate better collaborations with their preferred suppliers. They get their hands on the best, up-to-date content for free and the properties get themselves into far more sales. Lufthansa City Centre, for instance, asked to have Rancho Mirage of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in Wetu. Through an on-boarding process, the hotel quickly learned how to load their own content and produce an iBrochure.

Perfect Destinations wanted Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort & Spa in the community, while AndBeyond India needed The Oberoi, Rajvilas where they could easily access its content. We’re also excited by the recent arrival of LUX* Resorts and HotelsTaj Hotel Group and Rare India.

Many other properties have followed suit, engaging well with the system and achieving over 90% content ratings. It’s a simple process with long-term benefits for suppliers keen to move decisively into the digital age. Apart from satisfying a real hunger for good content among operators/DMCs/agents worldwide, Wetu suppliers gain a huge advantage over competitors, having and optimally using the tools available to them.

Finally, we tip our hat to Saruni Lodges for embracing the system so wholeheartedly. They’re a shining example of how suppliers can change the way they sell and promote their brand. As they say, it doesn’t matter how you pronounce Wetu.. What matters is that you jump in, aspirations first and let growth follow.📈

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