Boost your content rating by adding 360° degree images and tours to your marketing mix. Put travellers in the picture with a virtual experience of your travel product(s) and a better idea of how it might feel standing inside your reception, relaxing in your lounge/bar areas, enjoying the creature comforts of your suites, or experiencing your activities.

Virtual Tours are created outside of Wetu but you can upload it simply by copying and pasting the link. Once embedded in your iBrochure, viewers can navigate around the image/tour for views in any direction. The virtual tour experience is not something out of science fiction – it’s a very ‘real’, hugely emotive marketing tool that engages travellers and makes your product more accessible for public consumption, as close to being there without yet being there – just click the image for a close-up view👇🏻. Feel free to contact us on for help.

360 image

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