Here’s a helpful tip!

After updating your product info and visuals, make sure your trade partners know all about it. There are two ways to empower them with content updates.💪

  1. Send them iBrochure links for quick access to newly uploaded Images, Documentation, Specials or Virtual Tours, refreshed Activities info, etc.
  2. Operators/DMCs/Agents have a button on their Dashboard that offers a quick view of all preferred Supplier ratings, displayed in colour for easy reference: red (0-45%); black (50-70%); green (75-100%). They can see when you last updated your content, how many images are loaded, and in how many itineraries they’ve used your product. BE GREEN, STAY GREEN.

Keep your product looking good in their itineraries – regularly update them on your freshest content. Contact for help.🚩 

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