Here’s a helpful tip!

You can grow your business in multiple language markets and achieve global brand status using your Agent Access and Machine Translations tools. Here’s how to translate your itineraries into different languages.🍕Then, offer existing agents the opportunity to sell to new markets or attract new agents with established multilingual clients.


Make a copy of an itinerary and lock your own version of it. Open the copied itinerary: locate the ‘Agent Access’ link in the final step of your Itinerary Builder. Here’s how to share it with your agents and enable their access to the Itinerary Details, Route Builder and Review steps where they can put their own stamp on an itinerary you made. They can send it to clients as is or customise it without needing a Wetu login – no changes made by you or the agent will affect the other’s copy.

Contact to enable this option on your account. 

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