Travellers will judge you on appearancesreel them in with a superior viewing experience.

Stunning travel content remains your primary asset to outshine competitors targeting the same customers. To elevate your proposition, we invite you to get back to basics with travel visuals!

Get picky with product imagery

  • Go straight to the source – ask your preferred suppliers to upload or update their content in Wetu. They can directly WetuShare pictures, virtual tours, and downloadable videos with you.
  • Add your own accommodation, restaurant, activity, point of interest or attraction images to tell the story of your unique perspective better – top quality pics make the best display.
  • Manage the available images in Admin in the ‘My Collection’ folder for each product. You can use a combination of supplier pics and your own custom pics, and re-arrange however you want them to display in your itineraries.

Top tricks for destination pics

  • Upload your own destination and/or country images to differentiate from other brands selling the same, ensuring you credit the photographer and use the right dimensions and landscape layout.
  • Under the Destination and Country settings in Admin, you can choose among your own and default Wetu pics – drag, drop and arrange your preferred pics in the sequence you like most inside the ‘My Collection’ folder.

More stand-out hacks

  • If you offer Meet & Greet services, add relevant images in Admin under Contacts and Services.
  • In your Themes setting in Admin, you can choose an itinerary template that shows off your experience best with the available destination and accommodation imagery. Include Overview images, because when it comes to travel visuals, more is always better!
  • Rejuvenate your itinerary landing page with a unique cover image or video media for an outstanding first impression. Get creative and customise – watch this:

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