Here’s a helpful tip!

Some supplier products reflect the type of experiences your brand are associated with better than others. Training new staff on what those products are, can be a long process – instant access to your company’s collective info would be super helpful. The Consultant Portal offers a visual resource to new staff and everyone else needing suitable alternatives for proposals.

Enter your Consultant Portal from the Dashboard. Preferred Activities and Restaurants display in grid view under their respective tabs – you’ll need to add any products used BCP (before Consultant Portal). Activity search fields include: language, group size and opening hours; also filter by facilities, special interests, suitability and weather (as loaded by the supplier). The Restaurant tab enables quick selection based on type, seating size, facilities, ambience and cuisine (as loaded by the supplier). Result: company-wide consistency across proposals and tons of time saved on training!👓

Check this doc or ask for help.

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