You’ve wowed and impressed with your amazing visual imagery and enticing descriptions.. But there’s plenty of other vital albeit less sexy information your client must have as they make their travel choices, prior to and during travel. Terms & Conditions, Health & Safety info, Visa or Vaccination requirements, Welcome Letter, e-tickets and/or boarding passes, any company documentation that might be relevant to your traveller – these can all be included on your client itinerary.

Here’s how to do it.

Upload as many as docs as needed from Wetu Admin or from your computer. Re-name them, remove unnecessary ones, or hide what you don’t wish to appear. Your client can print what they want or simply view the docs on the relevant digital output: Virtual Itinerary, Digital Itinerary, mobile responsive itinerary and both Itinerary Apps for Android and iOS. Each output will feature an additional tab containing the docs you’ve uploaded. Contact if you need help.💌

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