Here’s a helpful tip!

You may have rates for different seasons or with specific validity periods and you don’t want to risk having old, incorrect rates still showing. Nor do you have the time to keep checking when rates expire to remove them… Your iBrochure will only display rates that correlate with the current date.🚧 If it’s not valid, it won’t show up.

Go into your Update Form to set up your Rates Seasons with corresponding validity dates – here’s how. Once you’ve updated and saved your rates, view the Rates Section of your iBrochure on the About Us tab. If you have multiple date ranges on your rate sheet, there’s a scroll function on your iBrochure that will show further rates available, as long as they are valid for now or future dates. A comprehensive list of rate inclusions will display below your rates schedule.

Contact for help.💌

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