Here’s a helpful tip!

Do you know you can invite direct contact from people viewing your itinerary when they’re ready to take action?👁‍🗨 Display a prominent Call-to-Action Button, linked to a URL of your choice on a Digital or Virtual Itinerary.

A CTA button is usually found at the top of an itinerary, linked to a default enquiry form, which must be completed and submitted for an email or call back from you. It looks like this. But you may prefer enquiries to land directly on your own booking/enquiry form, on your website or another page; so customise it! Get your Admin User to go to Dashboard Admin and under Company Details, insert the url link to the desired page in the field labelled Enquiry Form Url. Your itineraries can also be linked to an agent’s booking page: access Identities in your account, then Edit the agent identity you want to link to, and insert their Enquiry Form Url. Select this Identity in the Itinerary Details step of your Itinerary Builder, under Branding, for the agent-specific url to be linked to the itinerary CTA button.

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