Here’s a helpful tip!

You don’t always want the same cover image or gallery of images appearing on an itinerary landing page in exactly the same order every time you send it out.🥴 No worries. The Custom Landing Page Images feature in the Itinerary Builder enables you to freshen up the image gallery to make it look all fresh and new. Add a personal touch to successful itineraries you want to sell onto new clients and set your brand apart from the rest in 1 simple move.

Provided you’ve got lovely pics already sitting in your computer’s file manager – at an optimal size of 1920 X 1080 px between 550kb and 4mb – you can add them, archive the existing cover image if you don’t want it displayed, and create a completely different custom landing page for your itinerary. The image(s) you want to add can be pulled through your Itinerary Builder in Step 6. Use the Upload Images button to either drag ‘n drop or select images – here’s how.🎡

Contact if you land up with landing page issues.

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