Here’s a helpful tip!

By now you know you’ve got lots more flexibility to customise the way your printed client docs look. Start strong by selecting the options that best reflect your brand and set them as default in Admin. Access Admin on your Dashboard and go to Options. Select the version you want to apply to all your printable outputs: Classic or Contemporary. Select your setting and click Update to save them.🔐 Follow this doc for guidance.

Enforcing your default settings means that when consultants click on the various print buttons in Step 6 of their Itinerary Builder, they’ll be limited in what they can do. For Print Itinerary and Summary, it will go directly to download with no option to customise; for Voucher, they can only choose which voucher(s) to print and in what language. Only Admin users can control the default settings but consultants can be given the option to override those settings if that’s what works for your team.

Contact our control freaks at for help.🪁

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