Here’s a helpful tip!

You can eliminate the pains of content research by making yours super easy to find. Bonus benefit: you keep control over the way the trade views and uses it. Teach trade partners and agents how best to access your content:

  • in Content Central, in your iBrochure(s), or from within the Wetu Itinerary Builder
  • in their Consultant Portal where they can organise and manage preferred product info
  • loaded, updated, even translated content, managed directly by you
  • instantly visible changes any time, from any where in the world
  • without nagging you with frequent content requests
  • without waiting as long as big image files, Dropbox or flash disks take

Do them a favour and teach them how much easier you’ve made it for them: their always-on, go-to digital content home. Then watch the penny drop!🙇

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