You’ve got one shot to get this right: to stand out, grab more attention, and ensure that the dreamers choose your brand.

The magic of travel starts with high quality, emotive content in visually-rich trip proposals that create anticipation through multiple access points.

To engage or not to engage

It’s a strange time for travel. Some people have been testing the waters, just grateful to be out and about, travelling. But this initial satisfaction with whatever they can get will soon give way to a more discerning mindset. A superior customer experience with your brand will the trade-off for splurging on travel. In that context, what reasons do they have to consider your brand?

The general economic downturn has diluted brand loyalty, leaving global travel markets fair game. This can be either good for you – if you can attract the attention of new prospects – or bad for you if your past clients are lured by alternative options. In their search for travel inspiration, if they find your brand online, will they be persuaded to take a second look (and to keep looking)?

Everything boils down to how your brand makes the dreamers feel – locking in that emotional connection becomes a vital business objective.

How to make the connection

Tour consultants used to spin fabulous scenarios to sell an idea to clients visiting your office. They could peruse glossy travel brochures and imagine themselves on exotic shores and luscious landscapes… Three smart moves in Wetu can get them noticing and considering your brand again, and again.

1. Dreamy content

Aesthetically powerful imagery can both depict and evoke emotion. You want to tell compelling stories about what experiences to expect in a destination; and the dreamers want to feel that their desire for exploration, fun, adventure, learning, beauty, or freedom is understood. As it turns out, they respond better to visual stimuli – showing and seeing are far more impactful than telling and reading.

Sumptuous, high-resolution, accredited travel photography, dramatic videos and immersive virtual tours can transport them on an emotional journey to a dreamy state of anticipation. That’s why we made it our business to curate an abundance of beautiful content for destinations, tourist sites, accommodation properties, activities, venues and restaurants from around the world. Whether it’s to show past clients your new offerings or to refresh old favourites, you can conveniently source what you need to make that emotional connection between your tour products and the dreamers – and reignite their engagement with your brand.

2. Persuasive proposals

It’s not just an itinerary: it represents your brand personality, destination knowledge and areas of expertise, professionalism and service levels. A memorable user-experience starts with abundant, dreamy content built into an interactive, media-rich digital itinerary in a dynamic, mini-website layout. A mobile-responsive output is a must-have. And full-screen imagery just looks better. With plenty of links and images to click on, you empower future clients to explore the content that interest them, taking them on a virtual journey of your product offering to ‘try’ before they buy.

You can take it step further by customising your proposals to showcase how unique your brand is. Tweak the itinerary template, play with fonts and colours, differentiate and individualise its look and style. All associated imagery and info for your selected properties, activities, services and transportation pull through as you build the proposal. Interactive maps add a stimulating edge. The result is a visual explosion that draws the dreamers and locks in wanderlust.

3. Easy access

A recognisable and trustworthy brand is consistently accessible from the dreaming stage right through the customer journey. Discovering and sharing your collateral online couldn’t be simpler! A personal digital itinerary link can be sent directly to your client together with a delightful summary and personalised message from you. It has a mobile code that can be used to access an itinerary app, and keeps your clients engaged with your brand during travel via messaging and push notifications.

Social sharing buttons on their itinerary enable them to post it on social media for a good brag. Notifications each time an itinerary is opened can help you track engagement. And, just to ensure that your marketing collateral represents your brand consistently elsewhere, you can embed sample itineraries on your website or blog. This is a digital itinerary with an awe-inspiring moving landing page, created with love for travel and travellers everywhere. Stare, scroll and click to your heart’s content!


How to attract more attention

The trick is to outshine other brands vying to be first choice for anyone researching their next trip. You understand why they travel; now seal the deal with tactile, visual stimuli in digital proposals that are too attractive to ignore.

Pick the right plan for your business, and make some smart moves.

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