Team Wetu has been spreading the love and getting an awful lot of it back from some very satisfied clients, from all over the world! Following on from WTM Africa, we attended Africa’s Travel Indaba in Durban where CEO Paul sat on the Business Conversations 2018 panel discussion. Then came We Are Africa in Cape Town where Product Manager Terri conducted a Fuse workshop on Wetu’s past, present and future.

The great thing about the Internet…is that our adoption of these technologies will only work to our advantage. We shouldn’t be skeptical about getting on board with them & making them work for us.

Paul De Waal

There were meetings galore and some fabulous feedback. We wanted to hear what you love most about your Wetu experience – if you weren’t there to tell us in person, do leave a comment below. It’s the best way for us to gauge what we’re doing right and what needs some spit ‘n polish!

Wetu at Indaba, inviting the trade to write their own success with content that sells!👑

They came, they gushed and we caught them on video. If you were among them, we thank you for participating in our competition and for all your #WetuLove! Excuse the cliché but we wouldn’t be where we are without your buy-in and faith in the system.

Participants were entered into a competition with prizes up for grabs. 1st prize is a shiny new tablet.

Click here to view your own video testimonial and hear what others have said.

And the winner is..

Patience! All shall be revealed🤗


Wetu at We Are Africa, telling more than 1 story! Interactive Content. Digital Distribution. Productivity. Conversions. Service. Collaboration. Growth. Innovation in is but many.

Then there was this little gem produced by a very forward-thinking Supplier client, who’s clearly heard our content mantra – Don’t give me a disk, put it in Wetu! – taken it to heart and done something super creative, yet simple. It’s so genius, we think everyone should do it!

Here’s looking at you, The Safari & Conservation Company🙌


Drum roll, please! Conducted under the hawk eyes of our Minister of Finance, Paul drew the names of the winners in our ‘I love Wetu because..’ competition.👇

1st prize: Marie Wilcox from XO Africa

2nd prize: Kirsty Coetzee from Zambezi Queen Collection

3rd prize: Monet Tiran from Tour d’Afrique

🏆CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners!

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