Here’s a helpful tip!

With mobile accommodation by rail growing in popularity, you might want to include a train journey on your client itinerary. You have a choice of train routes to add using pre-loaded, Google or custom routes in your Itinerary Builder. If you know it by name, you can quickly add a pre-loaded train route in the Accommodation Step: add it as Accommodation and select. The Mobile Component window will appear, listing all the train products available for that name. Add the component you want and save. In the event that the route you want isn’t pre-loaded, you’ll need to add it in the Route Builder.🧩

In the Route Builder, add the departure and arrival train stations, and select train mode between the 2 points. A list of possible trains will pop up, but if you don’t find the one you want there, it might still exist in the world of Google. The Use Google Route button will appear at the bottom of the list – click it and it will automatically draw the route onto your map. If no Google route exists, create your own route by clicking the Custom Route button on the bottom left of the window.🚂

Follow this step-by-step guide or contact for help.

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