Wondering how to be more agile amid the pent-up demand for new experiences?

Whether it’s to diversify the experiences you sell in your destination or to sell new destinations, you need to be able to adapt your proposition quickly to fit that demand. To that end, we want to help you find new supplier products to build your new experiences, get the quality digital assets that will help you sell them, and organise those building blocks of your proposals for easy access. 

Here are three calls to action to make this happen. 


Search for new suppliers by destination in Content Central. Alternatively, from your Dashboard, navigate to the iBrochure Search or View Product Content option to see the available assets for the products you like. This will give you a good indication of how good they will look in your proposals. 

If an accommodation, activity, restaurant or venue you want to use in your proposals doesn’t exist in Wetu, here’s what to do: contact content@wetu.com and tell us what you’re missing; or contact the supplier directly, share this attachment to explain why you need them in Wetu. 


With a solid inventory of products lined up, the next step is to make it easier to use the most suitable product for a client proposal. Speed will be your friend if you do some preparation work in advance. 

Organise your inventory by adding classifications and tags to your products. When you’re ready to create a new proposal, you can easily filter and find the products you need in the Consultant Portal or in the Itinerary Builder itself. 

Everyone in your team can pitch in with their respective expertise and product knowledge, resulting in a curation of preferred products that is permanently available to all consultants. 


Ask yourself if the available assets match your brand voice and style. If not, add your own flavour by customising your product information and visuals. 

You can edit the destination and country descriptions and images, suppliers and services information to your taste – watch this: 

Login to your Dashboard now and gear up for agility. 

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