It’s described as the social platform where travel discovery takes place. That’s why the content you’ve got on your website must be consistently displayed here too. Here are 8 tips to guide you straight up the path to Facebook success.

1⃣ Get a Facebook account! If research shows this is a great social forum to promote travel brands, build human relationships, create communities and foster engagement with content, then you’ve got to have a presence.🐾

2⃣ Add Facebook App from your Dashboard Login to your FB account as yourself (not as business page) and follow these steps to get your iBrochure content pulled through. Here’s an example. All your juicy content potentially visible to 2 billion users!!

3⃣ Add Facebook App from your Digital Catalogue Where else can you get social media exposure for all your properties, activities, restaurants? Here’s how to get your entire portfolio permanently visible and accessible worldwide 24/7.

4⃣ Post videos & virtual tours Facebook is super compatible with video, 360° images/tours and they put users ‘inside’ the experience. Stats prove these content forms boost on-site engagement most. Put them into a FB Canvas or as a standalone post.

5⃣ Post links of specific iBrochure tabs Content strategy is about storytelling – feature select portions of content to promote a particular aspect of your experience. Your content is deep and designed to be re-purposed! This example is a story of on-site activities on offer.

6⃣ Target specific markets with your iBrochure Show your content to targeted audiences at optimal times. Use Facebook’s ‘Preferred Audience‘ or ‘Audience Restrictions‘ options as a filter; promote the content you feel is most relevant to that audience.🎷

7⃣ Create image Slideshows or Carousels People love clicking on things and they love moving imagery. It’s quick and easy to produce these features, to present your awesome pics in another snackable format for your viewers to enjoy.

8⃣ Include Book Now buttons Viewers discovering your content and compelled to take the next step would benefit from a clear call to action on your FB page. The Book Now buttons appear at the top and alongside each room type if you’ve inserted your online reservation system link onto your iBrochure.

All content updates and changes instantly reflect on your Facebook page. So your freshest content is always available everywhere it’s been shared socially.

Facebook posts with images still perform better than posts without images


In Wetu terms it means you being strategic with your content and getting far more face time for your brand. Need some perspective? Consult this doc.

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