There’s plain jane standard customer service and then there’s kick-ass holistic travel service that provides for every possible need. Travellers have changed and the nature of their demands has changed. These 5 hot tips identify the needs and the ways to reassure modern travellers that they come first. ūüĖ•¬†Service:

1⃣..the tech savvy traveller Meet them where they live online on their mobile devices, where they research, plan and book travel, and be accessible to them 24/7 anywhere in the world with a mini website itinerary and an awesome app like Travelkey.

2⃣..the travel dreamer Give them your expertise, experience and the personalised touch they deserve to realise their bucket list wishes. Channel your specialised destination knowledge into their travel experience with custom content and further tailor their presentation with a customised template.

3⃣..the information-thirsty traveller Present them with relevant, quality, eye-catching content that stands out above the rest; give them options, alternatives, and detailed information to help them make informed decisions with a Digital Catalogue of itineraries and iBrochures.

4⃣..the time-hungry traveller Respond quickly to queries, problems and complaints before, during and after travel, in real-time in the digital space with a chat option on mobile-friendly itineraries. No more painful digging around, cutting and pasting, with your content sourced on Content Central.

5⃣..the discerning traveller Give them convenience and value so they can trust your brand has their best interests at heart. Make it transparent across all digital platforms (from website to social media) with consistent content (linked or embedded), and make it available in their own languages too. 

Game-changing service has the power to convert if your client is the hero of your experience.

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Damon Richards

In Wetu terms, it means you servicing your clients optimally and exceeding their expectations beyond what your competitors can offer. Register here to get started!

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