You are the master of your own success, but the travel trade works better when we work together. These 5 empowering hacks are simple to execute with far-reaching benefits for everyone!

Empower your Agent When you’ve created Agent Identities for your partner companies, add their contact details so that they get enquiry notifications directly. They also get view notifications each time an itinerary you’ve created for them is viewed. Provide them with the Agent Access link to enable them to make limited changes to customise their itinerary.

Make it easier for your Agents to sell your products.

Empower with Branding Whether you rebrand, cobrand or unbrand your itineraries, repurposing your collateral serves to promote your expertise, the agents that re-sell your itineraries, as well as the destinations you operate in. Reinforce your partnerships by sharing the credit for your works of art by cobranding them. 2 Good reputations are better than 1!

Client loyalty to your agent benefits you by association, and vice versa.

Empower with Integrations If you and your agents use the same software programmes, optimise the available integrations. You can also use the content API to support your existing systems. Wetu integrates with Tourplan, Travelogic, Smartbox, Lightspeed. Dolphin, Tourwriter and Illusions integrations in progress. Click here to find out more.

Integrate for efficiency and collaborate for profitability.

Empower with Widgets/API You don’t have to be an IT genius to do magic with code! But it’s all you need to repurpose your itineraries as sales/marketing collateral. Embed or link sample itineraries and Digital Catalogues onto your or 3rd party websites. Your branded Digital or Virtual Itineraries can live on your partner company websites.

Continue to draw traffic from travel searches on all mobile devices.

Empower with Content Embed selected supplier content onto your website or send clients a selection of your preferred supplier products to choose from. Re-brand supplier iBrochures to lend them your credibility and promote all your content consistently. Pair those iBrochures with your itineraries in Digital Catalogues for a better buying experience.

More exposure for suppliers, less work for you, more choice for your clients.

It’s empowering people to use the resources they have to solve their own problems with a little education.

John Borland

If content connects the circuitry of your sales process, then hack the engine that powers it! Put your tools to collaborative use. In Wetu terms it means you creating more opportunities to grow your business. Need help? Consult this doc.

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