Digital Catalogue: compilation of all your stellar sample itineraries in super-efficient format that’s as easy to access as child’s play. In these 4 simple steps a DC will distribute your content like nothing else on earth and distinguish your brand from mere mortals.

1. One Link conquers all 

Whether you have 2 or 10 sample itineraries in your portfolio, build them into a DC and instead of 2 or 10 links to send, just use 1. Imagine how much of your sales/marketing material you can distribute in one go. Fast, easy, deadly. Check this out.

2. Today your computer, immediately the world

Quick to set up in your Itinerary Builder, all that’s needed is to clearly categorise itineraries according to your chosen theme and name the various Racks, Chapters and Catalogue(s). Any update or change reflects as instantly as you save it, wherever you’ve sent that link.

3. Any device, any time 

Your DC has the digital mojo to be accessible on any device, 24/7 – smartphone, tablet or laptop. A busy exec in mid-Uber commute can use the time to plan his family’s next holiday by perusing your catalogue on the comfort of his iPhone. Awesome.

4. Embed widget onto website

As if a single link to all your content isn’t genius enough, the clever widget puts it all onto a website – yours or a 2nd/3rd party site. It’s tech simplified: just copy some code onto the back-end of the site. Another way the world can get its hands on your DC.

Like every superhero knows: while you are its source, the true power of your content is in how it serves the world. Go forth, build & distribute. 

It’s not who I am underneath… but what I do… that defines me.

Batman Begins

In Wetu terms, that’s you getting more done in less time. Need a hand? Consult this doc.

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