Being smart about selling travel is as much about how you work as what you sell. The more productive your team is, the more clients you can attend to, the better your sales prospects. Working well together means sharing knowledge – about clients, destinations, rates and commissions, suppliers and other trade contacts, and travel products you specialise in. What else are you going to do when an experienced consultant isn’t around to advise a colleague who’s still learning? Manage your business intelligence in order to..

💈..organise your content and sales collateral efficiently:

💈Create Tags/Labels in your Admin for a selection of categories such as holiday type, traveller type, budget, and/or special interest (NB. but not by country or accommodation!), with which to classify every single itinerary, component and day tour you’ve ever created in the system.

💈Manage your internal classifications of preferred suppliers according to your brand standards and assign relevant flags, tags and ratings, add commission rates and pertinent notes/comments all staff should know if they quote or book a particular product.

💈Load your tried and tested Transfer/Chauffeur companies and preferred Meet & Greet contacts and Guides in Admin where everyone in your company can access the information.

💈Add all Company Documentation, Terms & Conditions, etc. to Admin applicable as standard across your company, making it easily available for staff to inform themselves, as well as to include on client proposals.

🎩 ..make well-timed, informed choices that are right for your client:

🎩Anyone on your staff can access and take an existing, well-researched proposal, tweak it to personalise and present to a new client way faster than it would’ve taken to produce a new itinerary from scratch!

🎩Any consultant reading notes/comments attached to a supplier product can quickly ascertain which products match their client’s needs or conveniently find suitable alternatives to their first choice, without needing first-hand knowledge of it.

🎩 Any consultant on the verge of a booking confirmation needing to revise part of an itinerary, has the luxury of quickly dipping into recorded expertise and prior experience of a destination/product/component without risking the client’s interest cooling off.

..simplify the way you work and sell with smart processes:

⚙ Use the Itinerary Browser Filtering feature to search according to specific criteria and find the right match of itinerary, component or day tour, saving yourself time and effort in the process.

⚙ Find the collateral you need by searching in these fields: type in a relevant tag/label; search by itinerary name, client name, language, reference number, dates, branding, consultant or status.

⚙ When you find the item you need, it’s quick to copy and super easy to repurpose in a new proposal; you can reverse it, add to it, or remove from it.

⚙ Consultants can take note of the internally rated, flagged and preferred supplier products they chose, easily find the corresponding content to populate their new client itinerary, and be ready to send out a proposal in record time!

“The purpose of Business Intelligence is to support better business decision-making.”

Put your collective product and destination knowledge, and existing collateral to work! Your wealth of expertise best serves travellers if it’s freely shared, quick to access and easy to repurpose for future quotes and sales. In Wetu terms, it means your team collaborating with business intelligence to sell quality products with speed, confidence, and always consistent with your brand. Need help? Consult this doc.

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