Why’s our favourite battle cry: work smarter, not harder? Because we know that double work, long hours, repetitive, laborious tasks, feeling like you’re just not getting around to everything, much less start new campaigns, are completely unnecessary. Here are some simple solutions for a less stressful, soul-crushing work life: these 10 ways make it easier.👇


1. Be creative

You sell similar products to other travel brands in the same destinations. To compete in a buyer’s market for a sophisticated clientele, you need to get creative. Set your brand apart with machine translated itineraries based on customised templates and interactive, media-rich content.

👨‍🎨Make your work life easier with itineraries that offer something different and unique.


2. Keep track of trends

Tastes change, interests differ, niche experiences gain prominence, and traveller personas are diverse. Changing demand shifts focus from popular destinations to others, even at off-peak travel times, making nonsense of 1-size-fits-all tourism products.

🤹‍♀️Make your work life easier with diversified offerings, so you can cater to different trends.


3. Seek advice

Follow the path to specialist knowledge: if you don’t know, there are experienced travel professionals who do. Ask a ground handler, a local tourism board or service provider, a supplier or travel tech provider for advice on products and services so that you stay top of your game.

🏜Make your work life easier by keeping your bases covered with the relevant expertise.


4. Connect with clients

Consulting with and listening to clients pay dividends for your business. You learn exactly what they want and don’t want, so you #KnowThyClient and tailor their experiences accurately. A bond develops, followed by trust and brand loyalty, and the prospect of referral business.

🧘‍♀️Make your work life easier with your human touch and strong client relationships.


5. Develop product knowledge

In an ever-changing industry with new experiences being created in familiar destinations, the learning never stops. Follow up site inspections and educationals with trade show visits, and regularly check out your product supplier content for new images and information.

🧠Make your work life easier by ensuring you know the right products to sell to your client.


6. Share your expertise

Teach your colleagues what you know and learn what they know about supplier products, destinations, existing clients and traveller types. Capture information as it’s acquired and make it available to your entire team in user-friendly format in a location everyone can access.

👩‍💻Make your work life easier with internally shared knowledge, expertise and skills.


7. Be organised

Centralise to organise! Tag your preferred supplier product content to simplify and speed up the filter and search process when you build itineraries. Label your existing itineraries by tour or traveller type, by language or booking status, so they’re quick to find, repurpose or monitor. 

🤸‍♂️Make work life easier for your team to access and use specific info anytime it’s needed.


8. Be efficient

Time costs money, so handle more enquiries, bookings and marketing campaigns in less time. Use an existing database of curated content to build digital itineraries and catalogues quickly. In this format, they’re easy to distribute, simple to repurpose, resulting in better value for money.

🧘‍♂️Make your work life easier with the ability to produce rich, varied sales collateral fast.


9. Optimise your resources

Your efforts are best focused on growing your business and satisfying clients. Labour costs money, so optimise your resources by doing more with less effort. Shared itineraries and product knowledge help prevent work duplication and time wasted researching or recreating content.

🤹‍♂️Make your work life easier with access to content that helps your team get more done.


10. Be proactive on social media

Monitor social media chatter to learn what existing and potential clients are talking, dreaming and complaining about. You can adjust your service and product offering accordingly, manage your brand reputation, do crisis management immediately, and even canvas new business.

👩‍💻Make work life easier and earn trust in your brand with a strong social media presence.


After all, we’re passionate about what we do, right?✨ Simplify the way you work, so that it becomes easier – you’ll have far more fun and a better attitude. Which brings me to this little philosophical gem:

A bad attitude is like a flat tyre. If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere.


In Wetu terms, it means keeping alive your passion for the job with smart travel tech, some sound advice, and a good attitude. Need help? Wetu can help you.

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