In travel, Content sells. What makes your brand 1st choice for the sale is eye-catching, stand-apart, fresh and memorable content. Competitive content plays with travellers’ emotions, engages them, speaks to the individual, makes them feel good, empowers them to make good choices.. and it does all this better than the competition! Take 10 decisive steps to rule with competitive content:👑

👣Make it gorgeous It starts with a strong 1st impression, hi-resolution full-screen width, vivid images that attract the eye and seduce the wanderlust.

👣Make it relevant Pay attention to trends and incorporate into your proposals the current, hot and happening themes that matter to modern travellers.

👣Make it immersive Where there are experiences to sell, there should be videos and virtual tours or images available to help travellers imagine themselves there.

👣Make it interactive Links, tabs, arrows and clickable images keep viewers engaged with your content for longer, allows them to choose what content to linger over and improves the prospect of a sale.

👣Make it multimedia To compete for the attention of your sophisticated but fickle customers, variety is key. They favour media-rich imagery above reading and want to be entertained as they learn.

👣Make it current & up-to-date Win the traveller’s trust with fresh content that’s accurate, guaranteed, and asserts the integrity of your brand. The same old, same old never got sold.

👣Make it personal Customise itineraries according to specific client needs, likes and preferences; then add your company info and video to show the humanity behind your brand.

👣Make it accessible No point having awesome content if it can’t be found! Put it where it’s easy to find and view in the digital space travellers inhabit, online and on their mobile devices.

👣Make it shareable Address the fear of missing out and the love of a good brag. Since travellers also trust the opinions of their peers – on good destinations, experiences and travel brands – your content should let them share.

👣Make it multilingual Content that speaks directly to travellers in their own language, speaks of a brand that cares about its clients. Enough said!

Innovate with content to get your brand noticed, admired, appreciated, shared, sold, re-sold and referred! It’s the advantage you have over your competitors when you give travellers all they need and more than they expected.🍾

Competition is not only the basis of protection for the consumer, it is also the incentive to progress.

Herbert Hoover

In Wetu terms, it means you sticking it to the competition with strategic content so innovative and dazzling, travellers totally forget about the rest. Need some help? Consult this doc.

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