How do you encourage trade partners to choose your product over others in your destination?

Tour operators, DMCs and travel agents operating in your destination are looking for products that will help them sell more. Following our insider Wetu tips, you can help them sell the experience and destination, help them sell your product better, and take your product from the sea of same to first choice for the sale.


Supply their demand


1. Provide self-drive directions between your location, the nearest airports and important landmarks. Each set of directions will enable them to craft a new itinerary routing.

 2. Stipulate your number of rooms or units, name, describe and share pictures of them. It saves them having to check your ‘stock’ as they build itineraries. 

 3. Provide comprehensive, visual and descriptive detail of the activities and dining options available on your site and nearby. It will help them build their experiences faster, and market the destination better. 

 4. Present high-quality visuals assets to save them having to source their own – size matters, as do image layout and resolution. It will help them create high value marketing assets too. 

 5. Describe your product in sweet, succinct snippets, observing the 20:80 word-to-visual ratio. This displays as clickable content in their Wetu itineraries that clients can explore as they wish. 

 6. Translate your product description in the languages of the markets they service. Your marketing assets will become more preferable to operators launching multilingual campaigns. 

 7. Provide vital insights into your experience with virtual tours and videos for trade partners unable to do site inspections. Downloadable media can add value to their marketing efforts too. 

 8. Present the option to re-brand your latest, updated assets – that makes it easier for them to include your product in their presentations. 

 9. Enable them to embed your digital assets onto their website – it will save them the time and effort to create their own. 

 10. Put essential documents like rates and menus in one accessible spot:


Register your product now – you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! 

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