You’ve put together the perfect experience for your client but want to quote them on different accommodation options. Create a few proposals based on different star graded options, room/unit types or upgrade options, and present them in a Digital Catalogue unique to your client’s needs. Take the same awesome Sample Itinerary containing the 1st choice accommodation options, copy it exactly as many times as you have alternatives to offer, name the copies, make the relevant edits and note the pricing changes.👯👯


Create a Chapter, add the itineraries and arrange them according to budget, star grading, entry-level or upgraded status – however you’d like to differentiate among the alternatives on offer. Send the client a single Digital Catalogue link with their name on it, containing all your proposals so they can easily peruse and compare the options. Here’s how to build a catalogue and here’s how to copy an itinerary. 🛍Entice your client with variety, empower them with access to more information, and do it with minimal effort and time wasted!

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