You can have the swankiest, fanciest, most awesome quoting/accounting software in the universe but if your itineraries look like this😖 and you’re dishing it up on reams of grainy-inked paper.. guess what? This is not the best impression you can make. More to the point, you can present professional, eye-catching, #fomo-inspiring, mobile friendly works of digital art that will sell your tours better.. and simplify your life at work.

Who says there’s a problem?

In fact there are 5 problems that integrations solve:

1⃣ You’ve got a modern tech savvy traveller for a client, who doesn’t like waiting for a quote or revisions to their itinerary, they want everything on their mobile device and they respond best to visually-rich imagery. A Wetu integration helps you produce quality client proposals with no time wasted on duplicated work, ready to be sent directly to your client’s mobile device.

2⃣ Then you learn from trends in the travel trade that content that engages the traveller is the best content for the sale, but getting it is a pain. A Wetu integration empowers your proposals with interactive, media-rich, emotive content that inspires travel and most effectively convert enquiries into sales.

3⃣ Content can become quite difficult to manage when it costs you time and manpower. A Wetu integration brings you destination and supplier content on tap, dynamic and up-to-date, curated for your convenience in 1 content bank to save you time and free your consultants to focus on the business of selling.

4⃣ The challenge grows with each different language your target market speaks, you’re limited to 1 lame itinerary output, and your distribution moves at the glacial pace of paper, PDF or Word docs. A Wetu integration makes it easier for you to publish multilingual itineraries and provide your clients with superior quality paper and digital outputs, including a mobile itinerary app.

5⃣ Finally, you’ve got agents selling your products (and you’d like to attract some more) but they find the format you provide them with inflexible, with limited to zero editing rights. A Wetu integration empowers agents with access to make limited changes to client proposals and re- or co-branding options, helping them to sell your tours more effectively.

How it works in a nutshell

It starts with you on a Digital Enterprise package, asking us to initiate an integration between Wetu and your Tour Operator Software (TOS). Our super awesome Integrations Team liaises with our TOS partner to set things up while you provide us with your accommodation and activity supplier database – we load any of your products missing from our content bank. Some amazing technical stuff you needn’t worry about happens in the background. Your role is simply to engage with the process, voice any concerns immediately and complete the training provided – the entire integrations process can be done in less than a month!

To integrate or not to integrate..

We love the new integration. It is much easier & faster. There are lots of features you can add & make the itineraries much more interesting. All our itineraries can now been done by one system & they all look very professional. Synchronizing is easy & fast. We love it!!

The change-over had a few hiccups but that is normal & we got it sorted very fast. Also the assistance from WETU team was great & fast. The training session was informative & made our lives much easier.

Regine Aakman-Visher, Abenteuer Afrika Safari

Team Wetu Integrators Steering the Wetu Integrations boat is a dynamic duo – both Kent and Simone come to the party fully loaded with experience of the travel industry. They know your pains and understand perfectly what it means for you to have an efficient content management system and how much you stand to benefit from superior publishing capabilities. Just ask them.. “It’s about your providing clients with value added service – you can publish a beautiful itinerary as quickly as you generate a quote, then get back to your client with a professional proposal faster than the competition.”



“Why do double work when you can have all this great content pull through as you’re doing your quote?”



Have TOS system, will integrate We’ve developed our partnerships and capacity for client support over the last 2 years to bring you user-friendly integrations with these TOS systems:

Tourplan | Travelogic | Dolphin Dynamics 

If there’s another system you use or are thinking of using, let us know and we’ll look into it. But for now, think about how much time you could be saving by streamlining your processes with a Wetu-TOS integration.🛠

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