Leverage the power of social media to build your brand awareness among your desired audience. All the juicy content you manage in Wetu can be repurposed in parts for targeted marketing on social sharing platforms.Your flexible iBrochure can be seen from different angles, like:

Marvel at this gorgeous image gallery

Immerse yourself in elegant experiences

Satiate your appetite for luxury

Give yourself a special treat

Photos, videos, 360° imagery/film, activities, restaurants, specials, each of these tabs on your iBrochure has its own hyperlink – copy and paste individually on your platforms depending on the focus of your campaign. Maybe you want to highlight your restaurant to attract foodie travellers, or showcase a new addition to your activities. Viewers can peruse the content you specifically want them to see, then explore the rest of your iBrochure to learn more. Contact us on support@wetu.com if you can’t find ctrl C on your keyboard.

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