Managing your content means managing your languages. Good content strategy focuses on the end user, not the product. Consider how your clients experience your brand, then offer your content in multiple languages to attract interest and retain their trust.

Simply choose the language groups you wish to target among the Available iBrochure Languages under Content Description. As many boxes you tick, as many additional language content boxes will open up for you to enter your translated 3rd party and iBrochure Descriptions, and labels for all your pictures, videos, VT’s, room types, activities, restaurants and rates. Your Facilities list is automatically translated for the iBrochure. Check how much content you’ve completed translations for and how much you still need to do by clicking the Translator Links button at the bottom of the menu on the left. If you lack the resources to do it yourself, contact us on for info on Wetu’s Translation Service* and we’ll do it for you.

*Wetu iBrochure Translation Service offers: German; Dutch; French; Italian; Spanish (EU); Portuguese (LAM); Chinese; Russian.

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