You understand how content sells travel, and great visual, interactive content sells the best. Get more of that into your sales and cut out the pain of laborious content research. Teach your preferred suppliers what you need. 🛃They must:

  • refresh and add to their images, videos and virtual tours regularly so you don’t have to
  • update their info in clear, concise and accurate text that speak to traveller benefits
  • include activity and restaurant descriptions to portray the full guest experience on offer
  • load/update their specials in the Specials Portal, so they’re easier to find and add more value
  • translate their iBrochure content into your target market languages to support your non-English itineraries
  • NEVER send you content on image files, Dropbox or flash disks

Give your suppliers the control and you get the easy access. Their products make it into more of your sales and you save oodles of time. 🐢The old ways of working with content have got to go – if they don’t know how, direct them to for a helping hand.

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