Activity Tips

Perfecting the pics that sell your products

17 December 2019 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Commit yourself to better engagement with your precious product content! Renew it by applying some spit and polish to your images….

Empowering agents with your iBrochure

22 October 2019 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Want to make it easier for your Agents to sell your products? Your iBrochure has the capacity to carry your agent’s…

Content sharing simplified for you

16 July 2019 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Let us guess: distributing your product content in different formats from different locations isn’t working out so well… One source sounds…

Displaying rates on your iBrochure

2 July 2019 0

Here’s a helpful tip! You may have rates for different seasons or with specific validity periods and you don’t want to risk having old, incorrect…

Get your content updates to the trade

28 May 2019 0

Here’s a helpful tip! About to make some changes to your content? Please do refresh or rearrange your product images, info, add a new video…

Optimise your iBrochure for online reservations

21 May 2019

Here’s a helpful tip! Keen to provide a better buyer journey for travellers who want to search and book their travel online? By linking your…

Size matters, so make your images count

30 April 2019 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Consider size and shape if you want your iBrochures rocking your best content ever. We recommend you take control of your…

Best practice content distribution hacks

16 April 2019

Here’s a helpful tip! It’s no good having awesome content if it doesn’t get around.💫 Tick off your optimal distribution checklist: Inform everyone in your…

Short and sweet content that sells

26 March 2019 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Tell the story of your experience but make it sweet and short. 🤔Consider these sweet points: Shorter reader attention span. People…