A digital solution to hotel group marketing pains.

Marketing a hotel group well needs time. The ability to manage product content and distribute it to the industry efficiently is key. An effective system should free up the marketer to spend more time on servicing trade partners and promoting their products. This is where Wetu excels and assists the hotel marketer to work smarter.


INSPIRATIONAL PLACES (IP) is the first marketing organisation in Africa to focus on marketing boutique hotels, which have direct owner involvement. It continues today to market a group of exclusive properties with their hands-on approach and tailored experiences. With IP providing their sales and marketing services, and ensuring that the hotel rooms are filled, these boutique properties are in turn able to focus on providing their guests with exceptional experiences.


The challenge of managing up to 15 independent boutique hotels lies in the fact that they all operate differently. One major issue was the efficient management and distribution of their respective sales content to the trade. There were different practices in place for each property. At any given point, changes to a property or sales and marketing materials rendered the existing marketing collateral redundant. This would then require IP to reissue the trade with new sales collateral, which became a tedious, time-consuming and expensive task.


The Wetu solution provides the industry with an online digital system for managing and distributing content, along with an effective sales tool in the form of the iBrochure. Being a truly online solution means that the information can be kept up-to-date at all times with instantaneous global updates. IP no longer need to redistribute content after each and every change or update. The iBrochure is an interactive, visual digital brochure that has effectively eliminated the need to distribute paper brochures throughout the industry. It has also proven to be a far more efficient and effective sales tool for travel suppliers.


The result of using Wetu to manage and distribute their hotel content is that IP have been able to service the industry more efficiently. By vastly improving upon the onerous, timeous task of managing and distributing content, Wetu has empowered IP to focus more of their time and energy on selling and promoting their properties. The industry is also empowered by the fact that it enjoys easy access to IP hotels’ most up-to-date content in a simple user-friendly format without even having to contact IP.


With so much to do, having the ability to manage a diverse range of travel content easily in one place plus the ability to distribute the same from one convenient location translate into a huge time saving. A direct benefit of saving time managing content in the life of a hotel group marketer is the ability to then plan their time better, to devote more of it to actual selling and promotion. A digital solution that covers all the bases including offering easy access for consumers of your content is a smart choice that goes a long way to taking the pain out of hotel marketing. Inspirational Places now has the advantage of one solution for all the properties they represent.

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