When you battle with inefficient work practices, Wetu weeps 🙁 When you ask for better tools, we listen 🙂 These are the latest developments we’ve released for you.

  • Template Customisation This is an enhancement on your Classic Digital Itinerary, which enables you to customise the layout of your itinerary template, available to Digital Enterprise users. Classic Template Settings under the ‘Themes’ tab offers 12 different setting options, from Header to Trip Summary, Destination to Map, and so on. Layout options include full screen width for images, as well as timeline, gallery, carousel formats, and more. Find out more here.

Wetu hosted a webinar to demonstrate how this all works – here’s a link to the recording.

  • BBL Meal Option You’re now able to add a new meal option of Bed, Breakfast & Lunch. Find it in the drop-down menu on the Accommodation tab of your Itinerary Builder.
  • Remove SM sharing option If you’d rather not have social sharing buttons displayed on your Digital Itineraries, you can now click off that option under the ‘Themes’ tab.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our developments are client-driven. So along with your suggestions, please give us your feedback on how these new tools are working out for you. Feel free to contact us on support@wetu.com for any assistance.