Our work is a labour of love – we innovate to make your work easier and more efficient. Here is the latest crop of new releases we’ve developed for you.

  • Route Labels This feature enables you to further define your Transfers and Charter Flights, whether you want to define it as a Guided Transfer, Private Charter Flight, or Walking Transfer, etc. (Find out more here.)
  • The Transfers Column (visible on the Digital Itinerary Transport Tab) has been improved. Empty columns are removed where no information has been inserted in building stage. Overnight flights are now displayed better and consistently across both Printable and Digital Itinerary formats.
  • Social Media Links You will now be able to add your Instagram and Pinterest account details in Admin. The links to your respective social media platforms will reflect in the footer of the Digital Itinerary – viewers will be able to access your sites from there (to open in a separate browser tab).
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons will now display better on the Digital Itinerary, located in the Overview tab banner and in the left menu of the Map tab. Viewers will be able to share your itinerary on their Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Your Directory of contact information has been extended in Admin under the Company Details tab. You’ll now be able to add more detail on your office locations and roles, e.g. Sales, Accounts, Product Management.
  • If you have a Company Video, we’ve created a space for you to load it in Admin along with your Company Details. Simply add your YouTube link to this page – it will show up on your Digital Itineraries.

Lots of little changes that amount to greater efficiency and sleeker presentations for you, and a more user-friendly experience for your clients! Keep that feedback coming, so that we can continue improving upon the system in the ways that serve you best. Feel free to contact us now on support@wetu.com.