Wetu exists to make your working life easier 🙂 We’ve taken your feedback, put our heads together and come up with some fabulous new functionalities for you to use. We’re excited to announce the following:
Itinerary Builder
  • In Step 1 of your Itinerary Builder (on the dashboard), you now have the option to select an itinerary ‘template’ (find out more here).
  • Based on which itinerary template you opted for in Step 1, there will only be one link visible in the Final Step and on the Show Link pop-up.
  • In the Planner Step, the ‘Day Notes’ section has been renamed Day Itinerary, and ‘Consultant Notes’ has been renamed Expert Tips.
  • Day Notes now has an expandable view – you can expand the screen by clicking on the 4 green arrows.
  • Adding Components/Mobile accommodation: where your Itinerary has items on an outgoing leg or a component has items on incoming/outgoing legs, you can now choose to preserve these items in the pop-up window. Select which routes to preserve, then close the window and the route preference with the relevant items will be saved.
Mobile Friendly Itinerary
  • We’ve improved the mobile viewing experience for your clients. Anyone clicking on the itinerary link on any device can enjoy a superior viewing experience. View this itinerary on your phone – we think you’re going to love what you see.
Agent Access
  • This is a new link you can send to your Agents. By clicking on it, they will be able to make limited changes and tweaks to the itinerary you’ve sent them (without their having a Wetu login).
Company Documentation
  • Any company documentation you’d like to store and manage for convenient access can now be done in Wetu! For example, documents containing your Company Overview, Terms & Conditions, Booking Form, etc. These can then be viewed in a number of areas (find out more here).
We know you’re going to love using these new features. Keep an eye out for our tips in the coming weeks or feel free to contact us now on support@wetu.com.