Everyone likes getting new stuff, especially when it’s cool stuff that helps you work better and makes your work look better. We’ve told you about the new Meet & Greet functionality and you’ve seen the pop-up on your Dashboard. So meet and greet our latest new development 😉

  • Planner Tab This has been updated to accommodate the new functionality that enables you to re-arrange the sequence of activities, transfers, check-ins, etc. on your Planner. Activities can be added as usual, Day Tours can be selected from a pop-up menu and Meet & Greets can be inserted. You’ll be able to drag and drop items for logical sequencing – this applies to both Day by Day or Destination layouts – and synchronises Accommodation, the Day Planner and Route Builder.
  • Meet & Greet You can add a M&G as needed per itinerary or pre-load it in Admin and set as default. The pre-loaded M&G needs to be as descriptive as possible: name and describe it (e.g. group or VIP); add pictures. Here’s more info on how to do it.

These developments are most noticeable on your Time-line itinerary templates, which show scheduling in linear detail; and not so much in Classic templates. Of course all new and existing itineraries are affected; so please let us know asap if anything’s amiss. Contact support@wetu.com for assistance and let us know how cool you think this new stuff is.