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When was the last time you checked the quality of your product pictures in Wetu? Donā€™t miss the mark with outdated, fuzzy images.šŸšTravellers deserve better. Tour operators, agents and DMCs that sell your destination could use clear, full screen width images for their digital itineraries to create better proposals.

Crop your Splash pages correctly: ideally have landscape pictures in a 2:1 ratio before loading, so that it fills the entire screen. Aim for 1MB resolution (nothing lower 300 KB). Remember the first 3 images loaded will show up first on an operatorā€™s itinerary in Wetu.Ā Click here for more. Make sureĀ your products get into the sale rather than your competitorā€™s – refresh and update with the best images photography can produce.

ContactĀ if you need further help.

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